I was watching 'Such Hawks, Such Hounds' this morning, the unmissable American Hardrock underground documentary -call it Stoner rock if you please, that features, among tons of others, the guy I wanna see live one day or another : Robert Scott "Wino" Weinrich.
And this naturally leads to this new post.

Wino teamed up with Jean-Paul Gaster (CLUTCH) and Jon Blank (REZIN) to give birth to his long-awaited solo effort, the combination of riffs and melodies he had in stock for years, but never could lay on tape.

The result is a strong, varied and vibrant album. Fans will immediately praise the undisputed Doom Master and worship. But how could things be different?

As always, Southern Lord Records did a hell of a great job with this must-have release : heavy weight cardboard gatefold sleeve with special pocket for the 4-songs bonus 10". There's a 'forest green' mailorder edition limited to 500 copies.

The bonus 10" is comprised of :

Chest Fever [The BAND cover]

Der Gift (the Poison)

The Comet and the Moon

On the (Sacrificial) Lam


Demons of defilement and delusion

KYLESA, along with BARONESS and TORCHE, is one of my favorite "new" underground Metal bands that absolutely deserves a listening.

KYLESA is ferocious, fickle, ambitious and powerful.

Their latest release 'Static Tensions' is, IMHO, one of the greatest 2009 albums (so far).

Their Punk/Hardcore assault is combined with a sticky Sludge nonchalance and a phenomenal sense of groove.

'Said and done' is proof of that.


Melancholy has its own soundtrack

I've been waiting months before I could finally lay my hands over this record.
I wanted to get the clear vinyl European press but been too late and found myself frustrated when I heard European press was sold out.
So I got myself that regular black vinyl US version, and man, this actually kicks some serious ass!

With 'Pentastar', this album is my favorite EARTH's recording.

Those of you who know it surely understand why.
And for those who don't know, here's a little treat : 'Junkyard Priest', vinyl only bonus track.