What better than a snowy sunday? A snowy sunday with good ol' rocking riffage and bluesy vibrations!

Here comes JUICY LUCY's second offering, released in 1970 on the highly collectable Vertigo label.

Some personal changes, but still delivering as hell!

Some originals, some cover songs, great stuff all the way, deliciously crafted and absolutely hooking on the very first note!

'Thinking Of My Life' opens, try it first. Then give a listen to their personal reading of Uncle Frankie's 'Willie The Pimp'.


And that cover!!! Look!


Third and last

This third and last PATTO's record is the most adventurous of the three.
This one also suffers the passing of time and some cuts here sound dull and having very little depth.

Fortunately, we also get awesome songs such as the thunderous and frenzied 'Loud Green Song' (Ollie Halsall's guitar is wicked!!) or the deliciously soulful and bluesy 'I Got Rhythm'.

Absolutely not the album to start with if you want to get into PATTO's discography, this one is eccentric (imagine a sea-shanty on acid) but still very interesting for all the 70's Rock freaks out there!


Bosstown Sound

We're all familiar with the West Coast Psychedelic scene let by the Dead.
ULTIMATE SPINACH is one good competitor, from the East Coast, leader of the Bosstown Sound first initiated by Alan Lorber.

This "Behold and see" is their second album, not so different from their first one, with long instrumental parts and acid guitar solos that pave the way to psychedelic rushes.

Here we get some real great moments and some far out lyrics one would easily laugh at.

Here are 'Mind Flowers' and 'Fragmentary March of Green'.
To completely connect with the music, pot smoking is advised.


Ear candy anyone?

Freshly departed from BLUE CHEER, Leigh Stephens teams up with Mick Waller (from the Jeff Beck Group) to release their only effort in 1970.

This is not essential to any collection, but to BLUE CHEER fans (I'm one!) and other 70s Rock completists.

Some interesting Heavy Rock tracks, some fillers / Pop (?) tunes, some originals, some covers.

I give you the 2 main rockers : 'Naughty Lady' and 'Cocklewood Monster'


From Cincinnati, Ohio

WHALEFEATHERS have that special blend of Rock you can't get enough of.
They have the sound, the groove, the skills and everything in between.

Their second opus is clearly a record you'll have to own, once you'll have clicked on 'World of Pain' or 'Shadows', the opener and the closer.

They mix their Blues roots with a San Francisco Psych vibe, waving heavy organ parts and acid guitar solos.
They manage to confront all of their influences in one mere track, before moving to something different on the next cut.

Sorry about the sound quality. I bought my original French copy for 20€, still enjoyable, but not in the greatest shape.
US originals can rise up to $300 and french ones, to $100.


Heavy Bludgeonning Blues Rock

This 'Imagination Lady' is sharp and invulnerable, delivering over-amplified Blues Rock licks, in a taking-no-prisoner/executioner style.

I don't like Stan Webb's voice a great deal though, still nobody can misjudge his guitar skills. He's one of those brilliant guitar players who still deserve to be widely renowed.

Reduced to a power trio, CHICKEN SHACK, with this fifth long player, decide to radicalize its Heavy Blues Rock, making it almost exhausting for listeners.

Is it pretty early Heavy Metal? Could be!

I give you 'Poor Boy' and 'Telling your fortune' (not the greatest track, but there's a drum solo!). Let's admit there's one tiny filler : 'Loser', last cut of this LP.


We obviously live better electrically

Time has come to propose some vintage ass-kicking heavy-riffed bad ass Rock'n'Roll!

Enter John NITZINGER and his third effort entitled 'Live Better Electrically', released in 1976.

The two first LPs are absolute must-haves, this one is not. He still delivers his genuine boogie filled Hard Rock but, somehow, we don't believe in it anymore. It's 1976 and it's not the greatest year for Rock'n'Roll.

Click on 'Live Better Electrically' and 'No Way Around You' to get a good preview of what's inside of this record.


French Rock we can't be ashamed of. Finally!

How proud I feel! We now can enjoy (and be proud of) a French (female) Rock'n'Roll artist.

18 and rawking like nobody else does (in that country where Rock'n'Roll records sell not, but did they ever sold once?).

The lady is the daughter of a famous French artist and since her childhood days, she's been fed with music, scene and everything in between.

This is her first ever album and man, what a success! Everything you can expect when listening to a Rock'n'Roll record is here. You got the power, the intensity, the rage, the emotions, the craziness and the talent.

She didn't intend to create anything new but to play Rock'n'Roll, and man she did it.

Please try 'The Train' (my pick) and 'Burning' (my girlfriend's selection).



I was watching 'Such Hawks, Such Hounds' this morning, the unmissable American Hardrock underground documentary -call it Stoner rock if you please, that features, among tons of others, the guy I wanna see live one day or another : Robert Scott "Wino" Weinrich.
And this naturally leads to this new post.

Wino teamed up with Jean-Paul Gaster (CLUTCH) and Jon Blank (REZIN) to give birth to his long-awaited solo effort, the combination of riffs and melodies he had in stock for years, but never could lay on tape.

The result is a strong, varied and vibrant album. Fans will immediately praise the undisputed Doom Master and worship. But how could things be different?

As always, Southern Lord Records did a hell of a great job with this must-have release : heavy weight cardboard gatefold sleeve with special pocket for the 4-songs bonus 10". There's a 'forest green' mailorder edition limited to 500 copies.

The bonus 10" is comprised of :

Chest Fever [The BAND cover]

Der Gift (the Poison)

The Comet and the Moon

On the (Sacrificial) Lam


Demons of defilement and delusion

KYLESA, along with BARONESS and TORCHE, is one of my favorite "new" underground Metal bands that absolutely deserves a listening.

KYLESA is ferocious, fickle, ambitious and powerful.

Their latest release 'Static Tensions' is, IMHO, one of the greatest 2009 albums (so far).

Their Punk/Hardcore assault is combined with a sticky Sludge nonchalance and a phenomenal sense of groove.

'Said and done' is proof of that.


Melancholy has its own soundtrack

I've been waiting months before I could finally lay my hands over this record.
I wanted to get the clear vinyl European press but been too late and found myself frustrated when I heard European press was sold out.
So I got myself that regular black vinyl US version, and man, this actually kicks some serious ass!

With 'Pentastar', this album is my favorite EARTH's recording.

Those of you who know it surely understand why.
And for those who don't know, here's a little treat : 'Junkyard Priest', vinyl only bonus track.


Can anything get any heavier?

Parting ways with ELECTRIC WIZARD is the greatest thing that happened to Tim Bagshaw & Mark Greening.

They definitely took the downtuned heaviness of the WIZARD to an upper level, adding a harsh punk attitude to the ensemble and injecting more Metal into their Doom Metal.

'Misanthropic Alchemy' is their first proper full length and is a absolute gem.
On top of that, the Spanish label Mantricum Rec. did a hell of a brilliant job on this vinyl release : 2 gorgeous grey vinyl housed in a kick-ass gatefold cover. This baby is limited to 525 copies, so go order your copy now before it runs out of stock.

Try the full side A, 'Ramesses part 1' & 'Ramesses part 2' by clicking here.


Still I'm sad

Johnny Morrow passed away 7 years ago, on june 22nd, 2002.

Please listen to 'Sleep To Win'


Hell is a Canadian concept

The complete discography of one of the major modern Canadian bands ever : CURSED.

'One' - released in 2003 on Deathwish.
650 white copies, 250 grey copies and 10 black (test press).

First repress on Trash Art in 2007 : 500 black/gold copies on 180gr vinyl.

Second repress , still on Trash Art in 2008 : 500 silver copies.

'Opposable Thumbs' is my all time CURSED favorite.

'Two' - released in 2005 on Goodfellow.

700 black copies
300 clear copies
20 black (test press)
Never repressed whatsoever.

'Head Of The Baptist' stands as a good example of what you can find on this one.

'Three (Architects Of Troubled Sleep)' - released in 2008 on Goodfellow (North American pressing) and Reflections (European pressing).

On Goodfellow : 700 black , 300 grey/white marble and 85 black hand-numbered lp release cover.

On Reflections : 500 black, 250 black/clear and 250 clear. Deluxe gatefold sleeve.
Try 'Into The Hive'

'Hell Comes Home' 7" - released in 2004 on Hex.

1500 black copies
200 white copies
200 grey copies
100 clear copies
5 black (test press)

'Search & Destroy', the mighty STOOGES cover

'Blackout At Sunrise' - released in 2007 on Goodfellow.

2000 picture discs.

'Blackout At Sunrise', the title track.



MILLIGRAM from Boston, MA only released a couple of 45s and a couple of LPs.

The untitled 45 I offer today is supposedly a tour only release, featuring 2 covers + an outtake from 'This Is Class War' , their final album.

This thick white piece of plastic is limited to 98. There is 439 hand-numbered copies in total on various colors.

I'm not sure this baby can still be found anywhere.

Mean Machine (MOTORHEAD cover)

Back Seat Of My Car (DWARVES cover)

The Resentinel



Who could have ever expected this new blog would have those three band names in one single first ever message?
I give you both of the DON 7" : 'Saxon Action' & 'Half Evil b/w Bastard Son'.

Too bad this band only released one CDEP called 'War & Wine' (later re-released in the US with 2 bonus tracks - on Tortuga : 'That's What I Hate' and 'Rock'n'Roll fever'). BTW, 'White Damage', the album closer, is one atomic bomb.

And it goes like this :
Bastard Son (GG Allin cover)
Half Evil
Rock'n'Roll Fever (David Allen Coe cover)
That's What I Hate