Can anything get any heavier?

Parting ways with ELECTRIC WIZARD is the greatest thing that happened to Tim Bagshaw & Mark Greening.

They definitely took the downtuned heaviness of the WIZARD to an upper level, adding a harsh punk attitude to the ensemble and injecting more Metal into their Doom Metal.

'Misanthropic Alchemy' is their first proper full length and is a absolute gem.
On top of that, the Spanish label Mantricum Rec. did a hell of a brilliant job on this vinyl release : 2 gorgeous grey vinyl housed in a kick-ass gatefold cover. This baby is limited to 525 copies, so go order your copy now before it runs out of stock.

Try the full side A, 'Ramesses part 1' & 'Ramesses part 2' by clicking here.

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  1. Yea, Ramesses is truly wicked-ass shit. I like it
    lot more than E.W. When album starts with that up-tempo storm of guitars and excellent drumming its fuckin awesome.