Hell is a Canadian concept

The complete discography of one of the major modern Canadian bands ever : CURSED.

'One' - released in 2003 on Deathwish.
650 white copies, 250 grey copies and 10 black (test press).

First repress on Trash Art in 2007 : 500 black/gold copies on 180gr vinyl.

Second repress , still on Trash Art in 2008 : 500 silver copies.

'Opposable Thumbs' is my all time CURSED favorite.

'Two' - released in 2005 on Goodfellow.

700 black copies
300 clear copies
20 black (test press)
Never repressed whatsoever.

'Head Of The Baptist' stands as a good example of what you can find on this one.

'Three (Architects Of Troubled Sleep)' - released in 2008 on Goodfellow (North American pressing) and Reflections (European pressing).

On Goodfellow : 700 black , 300 grey/white marble and 85 black hand-numbered lp release cover.

On Reflections : 500 black, 250 black/clear and 250 clear. Deluxe gatefold sleeve.
Try 'Into The Hive'

'Hell Comes Home' 7" - released in 2004 on Hex.

1500 black copies
200 white copies
200 grey copies
100 clear copies
5 black (test press)

'Search & Destroy', the mighty STOOGES cover

'Blackout At Sunrise' - released in 2007 on Goodfellow.

2000 picture discs.

'Blackout At Sunrise', the title track.

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