Originally sold at their shows, this "Heavy Psych" has been extended with four additional songs and is now available on vinyl.

The Californian Heavy Psych combo returns to Tee Pee records and offers nothing else than their patented guitar-driven, spacy, psychedelic and heavy Stoner Rock that earned the band respect.

"Heavy Psych" ain't any better than any other NEBULA's album, but it's as good as any other NEBULA's album, and that's what we would ever expect from the band.

Eddie Glass being the last original member of the band doesn't make any difference. One could fear this new offering would lack that genuine NEBULA trademark. Absolutely not!

Go try those 2 : 'The Dagger' & 'Crown Of Thorns'


Birds of feather flock together

Here comes another 2009 album that is strictly impossible not to mention.
I know some QOTSA fans don't dig this LP, but I still really don't understand why.

This truly is solid gold with plenty of great (let's admit QOTSA inspired-) songs.

I did rush on this record because of Josh Homme, John Paul Jones and Dave Grohl, but at the same time didn't know what was really to expect.
I think they managed to craft an invigorated version of QOTSA most recent releases.

Please try Scumbag Blues and Spinning in Daffodils (I definitely LOVE that song from the very first piano note to that drinking song-ish finish)