“As magnificent a blues-rock album as has ever been made!”

Hope you all enjoyed that MEGASUS post last month. I can't stop playing and playing that piece of vinyl over and over again (will have to buy another copy soon!).

By the way, sorry for being so silent lately but i found a new job (finally!) and didn't found any time to post any thing new.

So, something completely different today with CANNED HEAT and their marvellous 'Future Blues' album, released in 1970 on Liberty.

This 'Future Blues' is the last album to feature Al Wilson (he died a couple of months after).

This is more of a Rock album, then of a Blues one.
It's heavy and wild, not so polished as other CANNED HEAT albums can be. It still breathes Blues roots throughout, but the tunes hit harder and the beats pound harder.

Let's try those three : "That's All Right Mama", "My Time Ain't Long" and "So Sad (the world's in a tangle)".