Heavy Bludgeonning Blues Rock

This 'Imagination Lady' is sharp and invulnerable, delivering over-amplified Blues Rock licks, in a taking-no-prisoner/executioner style.

I don't like Stan Webb's voice a great deal though, still nobody can misjudge his guitar skills. He's one of those brilliant guitar players who still deserve to be widely renowed.

Reduced to a power trio, CHICKEN SHACK, with this fifth long player, decide to radicalize its Heavy Blues Rock, making it almost exhausting for listeners.

Is it pretty early Heavy Metal? Could be!

I give you 'Poor Boy' and 'Telling your fortune' (not the greatest track, but there's a drum solo!). Let's admit there's one tiny filler : 'Loser', last cut of this LP.


  1. That "Poor Boy" is good stuff! I heard elsewhere a track from Chicken Shack called "Lady on the Hill" (??) "Country Lady" ? Something like that. Had a good touch of the DOOM.

  2. You can find 'Daughter Of the Hillside' on this one, another finger-licking track!