From Cincinnati, Ohio

WHALEFEATHERS have that special blend of Rock you can't get enough of.
They have the sound, the groove, the skills and everything in between.

Their second opus is clearly a record you'll have to own, once you'll have clicked on 'World of Pain' or 'Shadows', the opener and the closer.

They mix their Blues roots with a San Francisco Psych vibe, waving heavy organ parts and acid guitar solos.
They manage to confront all of their influences in one mere track, before moving to something different on the next cut.

Sorry about the sound quality. I bought my original French copy for 20€, still enjoyable, but not in the greatest shape.
US originals can rise up to $300 and french ones, to $100.


  1. There seems to be great obscure heavy rock in infinite supply! Love hearing new obscurities, keep up the good work!

  2. I discovered WHALEFEATHERS thanks to a friend I bought this record to! I love the band!