French Rock we can't be ashamed of. Finally!

How proud I feel! We now can enjoy (and be proud of) a French (female) Rock'n'Roll artist.

18 and rawking like nobody else does (in that country where Rock'n'Roll records sell not, but did they ever sold once?).

The lady is the daughter of a famous French artist and since her childhood days, she's been fed with music, scene and everything in between.

This is her first ever album and man, what a success! Everything you can expect when listening to a Rock'n'Roll record is here. You got the power, the intensity, the rage, the emotions, the craziness and the talent.

She didn't intend to create anything new but to play Rock'n'Roll, and man she did it.

Please try 'The Train' (my pick) and 'Burning' (my girlfriend's selection).

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