What better than a snowy sunday? A snowy sunday with good ol' rocking riffage and bluesy vibrations!

Here comes JUICY LUCY's second offering, released in 1970 on the highly collectable Vertigo label.

Some personal changes, but still delivering as hell!

Some originals, some cover songs, great stuff all the way, deliciously crafted and absolutely hooking on the very first note!

'Thinking Of My Life' opens, try it first. Then give a listen to their personal reading of Uncle Frankie's 'Willie The Pimp'.


And that cover!!! Look!


Third and last

This third and last PATTO's record is the most adventurous of the three.
This one also suffers the passing of time and some cuts here sound dull and having very little depth.

Fortunately, we also get awesome songs such as the thunderous and frenzied 'Loud Green Song' (Ollie Halsall's guitar is wicked!!) or the deliciously soulful and bluesy 'I Got Rhythm'.

Absolutely not the album to start with if you want to get into PATTO's discography, this one is eccentric (imagine a sea-shanty on acid) but still very interesting for all the 70's Rock freaks out there!