January special double feature

I had seen those 2 covers everywhere, in stores and record fairs, but never tried any of those. They just didn't attract me.

One day, as I was scrolling down the Sludge Swamp's pages, I found that video and read that I was not the only one who didn't pay attention.
Why the hell did I do this to me? I should have rushed to the nearest record store as soon as I saw one of those covers.

RADIO MOSCOW is just that typical band you secretly dream of. A band that plays 70's Rock like no other band does. Making you think that everything's possible when 3 incredibly talented musicians turn their amps on to deliver. And man they deliver!

Think about the GROUNDHOGS, the JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE, SIR LORD BALTIMORE, BLUE CHEER, MC5, and all those furious 70's Hard Rock bands; RADIO MOSCOW is all of them.

Here are their 2 records so far : the self-titled one, released in 2007 on Alive Records and their latest "Brain Cycles", still on Alive, released in 2009. Please note there's a special 2xLP bundle pack available from the webstore. Go check it here

Their first LP is produced by Dan Auerbach from the BLACK KEYS. It's about Blues. Cranked up Blues. Those ol' stinky electrified blues cuts that make you pour another glass of bourbon.

"Brain Cycles" is slightly different, as it's more Psychedelic. More effects, more riffs, more guitars, more intensity, more drums. More of that special sparkle that gives birth to great albums.

Because "Brain Cycles" is undoubtedly one of 2009's top 5 albums (in my humble opinion that said).

And now, without further ado, here's my selected cuts for those 2 records I'm sure you're about to own (if you don't own them both already) :

Introduction + Frustrating Sound : The self-titled Lp opener. Intoxicating.

Fuse : Instro. Still on their debut. Addictive.

No Good Woman : From "Brain Cycles". Carved in the loudest of all 70's Rock! Thrilling.

250 Miles : Second cut from "Brain Cycles". Exciting.

I forgot to mention both LPs are heavy and coloured. Get them both!