Egg hunt

Here is my Easter present to my dear readers : WOLFMOTHER's second offering "Cosmic Egg".

Well, there's nothing new under the sun, WOLFMOTHER keeping playing some patented WOLFMOTHER sound, mixing those 70's Heavy Rock/Proto-Metal roots with modern Stoner Music.

I've liked that band since I first heard their self-titled ep, but that said, with the departure of the co-founders, the band has lost that sparkle that made them special.

The new WOLFMOTHER is less orgasmic, less psychedelic, more textured though and giving the melodies more space to strench into.
'Phoenix' and '10.000 Feet' are two of the new songs. Please go click them!

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  1. That "10,000 Feet" is pretty heavy stuff. This CD has been in my rotation for awhile.

    Thanks for posting!